How to display latest posts on the front page

By default, Blockify uses a front-page.html template to create the home page seen on the theme preview. There are multiple options when it comes to removing the front page template and displaying latest posts instead.

Front Page Template

The recommended way to create a blog on your front page is to edit the Front Page template directly in the Editor. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Editor
  2. Click on the List View menu item
  3. Click on the Group Block and then the three dots to view block options
  4. Click Remove Group
  5. With the Header template part block selected, click on the Inserter button (+)
  6. Navigate to Patterns > Blog and select a blog pattern to use
  7. Customize the blog layout and settings to your liking and click Save
  8. (Optional) change the Header template part block positioning to relative if necessary

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